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There's really nothing to see here. And these are definitely not the droids you're looking for. You can go about your business. Move along.

Who else is love?
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abstract art, agnosticism, alison weir, alternate history, amnesty international, anne boleyn, aquariums, art, art history, artemisia gentileschi, authors, baking, barbara tuchman, battlestar galactica, bill of rights, birding, black and white, books, bruneschelli, cairo, caravaggio, catherine of aragon, cats, celts, chaucer, children, cooking, copyediting, current events, cycling, dante, decorating, diy, drawing, dreams, dublin, edinburgh, editing, editors, effects, egypt, elizabeth i, elizabeth wydeville, environment, ethics, fantasy, federal law, firefly, first amendment, flickr, flowers, free speech, freedom from religion, fresh water fish, gardening, george r. r. martin, georgette heyer, giotto, giraldi, grammar, green, guy kay, harry potter, henry vi, henry vii, henry viii, history, home improvement, horowitz, human rights, innsbruck, interior design, iraq, jacqueline carey, jan van eyck, john myers myers, john sandford, kant, katherine parr, landscaping, linguistics, literature, london, lord of the rings, love, mad men, mary tudor, mehul shah, mill, minnesota, munich, music, mystery, myth, mythbusters, neil gaiman, nile, organic, painting, pamela dean, paris, philosophy, photography, piano, poetry, politics, proofreading, publishers, publishing, rawls, reading, rembrandt, revising, robin mckinley, rome, roses, running, sex, shakespeare, shanghai, shinto, silverlock, soundtracks, spectrum, state law, tam lin, the secret country, tom robbins, tor, travel, tudors, twins, voting bush out, wars of the roses, writing
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