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2020-01-21 04:27 pm

Friends only

This journal is friends only. If you'd like to be added, please leave a comment below.
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2011-12-06 08:16 am

It's not me, LJ; it's you

After a few too many DDOS attacks/LJ not available incidents, I'm officially moving over to Dreamwidth. You can find me over there as (who else) [personal profile] enjae . I'll keep the LJ site up for the indefinite future and there may be some cross-posts, but it's over, LJ. We're through.  
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2008-03-19 09:14 pm
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f-list maintenance

Preface: no offense meant to anyone, so please don't take offense. I trimmed the f-list tonight. If I haven't been commenting on your LJ, or you haven't been commenting on mine, or it seemed that our interests don't really mesh anymore, I took your LJ off my f-list. If I've made a mistake, just shout me a comment below and I'll remedy it lickety-split. If not, then all the best to you!